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Admission Management

Streamline Admission Management with Teachmint

Transform admission management through automation & digitization with Teachmint’s Admission Management Software
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Easy Digitization
Track students’ admission status anytime anywhere
Digitize collection & processing of student records & minimize paperwork
Update, maintain, and store student information securely
Systematic Lead Nurturing
Divide students based on application (offline/online)
Customize lead stages based on the admission stage
Change leads stages for easy categorization & processing
Effortless Progress Tracking
Track progress of leads & take informed action efficiently
Identify high potential leads through admin & student activity on the admission management portal
Configure & collect fees at the class level
One-stop Solution
Customize your Admission Portal with incredible precision
Post regular updates on the portal effortlessly
Resolve student enquiries as quickly as they come up
Dedicated Admission Portal
Create & customize an admission portal accessible on web & mobile
Post regular updates on the portal & send SMS reminders
Pay admission/form fee online & download receipts
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Why does a school need an online admission management system?
What happens if a student’s admission is confirmed?
How can schools collect admission fees with Teachmint?
Does the online admission management system help in data and document collection?
Can parents access the admission portal?
How does Teachmint make enquiry follow-ups easier?
How does the admission management system accommodate offline leads?
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