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Assign, track and evaluate homework for all classes using Teachmint’s elaborate Homework App!

Best Homework


Multiple Question Types

Choose from a wide range of different question types to facilitate learning among students of all ages

Graded & Ungraded Homework

Give teachers the option to opt out of grading homework by not assigning them marks in the first place

Handpick Questions to Create the Ideal Homework

Choose from over 2 million+ questions in Teachmint’s Question Bank and create homework specific to the portions covered in class

Online & Offline Homework Submission

Give students the option to submit homework offline or online & evaluate them meticulously

Homework Scheduling

Set a start and end date for homework submission & give teachers more time to focus on teaching

Learning Homework

Allow self-paced learning by giving students the option to do their homework without the need for submission


Keeps Parents in the Loop

With Teachmint, parents are also in the loop regarding homework. Notifications are routinely sent to parents regarding the start date, end date, submission status, and publishing of results. This allows parents to keep an eye on their children and also gives the students incentive to submit their homework on time.

Allows Sharing Feedback with Students

With the Homework App, teachers can now share their feedback with students as and when required. This gives them the freedom to give feedback when they have the time instead of adhering to a strict deadline. In addition, this feedback can also be seen by the parents. This makes it easier for parents to help them in the future.

Assigning Homework Across All Classes

Homework across different age groups is quite broad and varied. While 10th-grade students might have a 12-page essay as homework, homework for a first-grade student might be to prepare for a dictation test they have the next day. Teachmint has taken this into consideration and created the perfect solution in the form of the Homework App. Teachers will be able to assign homework of all types across classes in the form that is appropriate for that class. This homework can be graded or ungraded, and can be work that requires submission or not, depending on the need of the teacher. It provides great flexibility and autonomy to the teacher in this respect.

Evaluate Offline & Online Homework

Just because the Homework app is online does not mean that the entire process has to be too. The teacher has the option to assign marks, commencement and due dates, and even rankings on the basis of the marks assigned. This can be done online or offline. If the submissions are done offline, all the teacher has to do is enter the marks of the graded homework into the Homework app and the rest of the process is simple. It makes the process of assigning and grading homework easier and more efficient whether it is offline or online.

Set Difficulty Levels as Required

Not every student is on the same level in terms of learning capacity. One of the biggest difficulties in bringing about interest in learning in students has been that while some students grasp ideas easily other students might find the same thing more difficult to understand. This rift in the classroom can only be bridged by giving those students a handicap. This is where the Homework App can help. It allows teachers to assign difficulty levels to different sets of students, hence helping students with different learning styles follow the syllabus at their own pace.


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